We are proud to present AlPasciá Curvy – the most compact pipe for a cool & dry smoking experience.
The first thing that catches your eye is the broad stem that makes the pipe chubby. The technical feature is hidden within the air chamber that reproduces the Calabash effect without the need for a gourd. The mouthpiece is inserted in a methacrylate disk, which closes the chamber; the combined disk-mouthpiece is easily attached to the stem by applying some pressure and is easy to remove, which makes it easy to clean.

The new and eye-catching AlPasciá pipe is available in two different shapes that share the broad stem. If you examine it more closely by touching it and holding it in your hand, you will notice its lightweight and refined design. When you fill up the bowl and light it, you will immediately taste the cool, dry smooth smoke that is unexpected and unprecedented for such a compact pipe.

AlPasciá Curvy