Lifestyle of BigBen

Sometimes the world turns faster as you like and you remember the time that time was unlimited. Now the world is different: bigger and faster, pressing and noisy, demanding ... take the time to stand still for a while and enjoy YOUR moment.


Ask a pipe smoker after his first tobacco pipe and there’s a good chance that the answer will be “Big Ben”. The same answer is often given to the question what his favorite pipe nowadays is! This clearly shows the popularity of Big Ben pipes. From classical shape to modern and even trendy, all Big Ben pipes are characterized by their excellent quality and innovative models which are popular all over the world.

For the savvy pipe smoker

Combining wood and aluminum, the Mavyn pipe has an aura that breathes ‘today’. The name ‘mavin’ brings about the class of the craftsmanship with which it’s made. Mavin literally means: ‘one who understands’, mavin is an expert and with that basic thought we want to express that the smoker can flourish his smoking pleasure even more. The Mavyn pipe comes in 3 three colours: brown, black and white and either a glossy or matte finish can be chosen. Do you know where you are going in life? Do you ‘understand’? And are you the savvy pipe smoker? Well then, enjoy Mavyn!

Big Ben filters (9mm)

In contrary to other filters, the BigBen filter has two ceramic shells at both sides instead of plastic shells. Therefore the BigBen filters have no negative influence on the taste of the smoke experience. The ceramic shells are designed in such a way that the airflow goes smoothly throughout the filter, and that at the same time the draw resistance stays limited to a minimum. The filters are packed with small carbon rods. Thanks to the high level of absorption of paper combined with the carbon, you’ll be able to smoke dryer, more hygienic and healthier.

Available in 10pack, 40pack, 100pack or 200 in pollybag.

BigBen Maxim white polish
BigBen Gazelle 584
BigBen Gazelle 561
BigBen Churchwarden
BigBen Churchwarden 800
BigBen Cambridge 542
BigBen Nautic 543
BigBen Gazelle 584
BigBen Maxim white polish 154
BigBen Ranger tan
BigBen Victory tan 228
BigBen shape 109
BigBen Churchwarden tan 800
BigBen Blackline 108
BigBen Churchwarden 800
BigBen Charme black polish 042
Setting the trend

Over the years production of pipes has changed in the same way the smokers have: the traditional pipe smoker used to be a simple man smoking a simple pipe: mostly very traditional. Nowadays pipe smokers (male and female) evolve their lives around their pipe. The tobacco pipe has practically become an extension of their lifestyle, giving them the possibility to identify themselves as unique human beings. As a result pipe makers also had to improve the quality and designs of their beloved pipe. The term innovation applies to the pipe smokers market as well! The Pipe Manufacturer Gubbels is trendsetting since many years. Next to our natural strive for perfection and the best reachable quality is product development a never-ending process and embedded on our work floor.

On the picture you can see our BigBen Tiffany pipe: one of our latest trendsetting designs. The Briar bowl of this pipe has a natural top and the rest of the bowl is finished in high polish red lacquer. To make the design complete the pipe has a matching red mouthpiece with a 2mm aluminum ring in between the mouthpiece and the stem of the pipe. This pipe has the possibility to contain a 9mm BigBen filter and is also available in different shapes and colors – blue, white, green, brown and orange.

Colorful and edgy!

The United Colors of BigBen are spectacular. Old meets young, classy meets edgy. The classic BigBen pipes are topped of with a colorful explosion, attracts attention all over the world. The Tiffany pipe – it’s original name – comes in 6 different shapes and in 6 different colors. The pipes may seem familiar and this feeling is correct. The models are original, classic BigBen models and are – of course – made out of briar wood. The pipes are supplied with a colored acryl mouthpiece, finished with an aluminum ring (1 mm) and automatically equipped with a 9mm BigBen filter for optimal smoking comfort.

Get inspired by BigBen, get united by Tiffany!

The story behind..

One of our best selling pipes is Big Ben Pipo. Its story is by all means a particular one. The history of this pipe starts when Alfons Gubbels – son of Elbert Gubbels sr. – is 19 years old. At this young age Alfons joined the family business and creative as he already was, he had the craziest ideas. This time he had the bold idea to design a new pipe model based on a Braun shaving machine. The design Alfons made looked very different from the traditional pipes. The traditional pipes were balanced and the standard expectation for these pipes was 50% bowl and 50% mouthpiece in these days. Alfons’ pipe, on the contrary, was short and characteristic.


When Alfons turned to his father, Elbert Gubbels sr. and his brother – who was responsible for sales – they initially did not fancy the new design at all. They did allow Alfons to order some mouthpieces for the new Pipo pipe when they were on a purchase tour to Hamburg for ordering mouthpieces for other models. But on the way back Elbert Gubbels sr. explained to his son that he had cancelled the order for the Pipo mouthpieces behind his back, as he believed it would be a waste of money. Of course Alfons was very disappointed.


But the story continues. A few days later a group of American customers came to visit the factory and to order pipes. Elbert Sr. wanted to introduce his son Alfons to these overseas customers and told him to enter the room in which the table was covered in pipes that were already selected by the American customers. As Alfons entered, something ‘accidently’ fell out of his pocket. That something was the new Pipo design. The customers were immediately attracted by this special object and after looking at it from every perspective possible they cleared the table and put the Pipo in the centre. All they wanted to talk about from that moment on was the Pipo.


As you can see, exactly that moment the BigBen Pipo was born. It went into limited production, which marked the debut of one of the world’s most successful pipes ever to be manufactured worldwide! Nowadays, after all these years, BigBen Pipo is still one of our best sellers. It is a real classic.


Some specific details on BigBen Pipo:

  • Since 1956 this pipe has always been produced out of the best quality Briarwood. The mouthpiece has always been made out of ebonite
  • This pipe has been comfortably shaped for your hands
  • It fits easily in almost every pocket
  • This pipe is almost unbreakable
  • Although this pipe is very small, a reasonable amount of tobacco fits inside
  • The briarwood that is surrounding the chimney has enough thickness to protect the pipe while using all kind of tobaccos
  • This registered design of BigBen Pipo has been awarded by the XI European Triennale in Milano