Enjoy the craft of Gubbels


Then and now, Gubbels’ master pipe makers combine the art of design with the art of craftsmanship. Excelling in techniques that have been virtually forgotten in this day and age, our experts have a repertoire of skills that is one of a kind. Envisioning the pipe’s shape, form and texture throughout each stage of the crafting process, our specialists use their fine sense of equilibrium to find the pipe's ideal balance, which has a decisive influence on whether the pipe will feel comfortable in the mouth.



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Our pipes are a poetic celebration of the special relationship between function, craft and materials. Exceptional emotions are waiting to be discovered as Gubbels pipe creations help you enjoy the moment and celebrate, love, enjoy and embrace life with a sophisticated style. Gubbels is not just a pipe, it’s a lifestyle.

Erica Arborea (Briar wood)

Briar wood

Making a pipe requires a very special affinity for the medium and experience in working with the unruly and capricious material from which superior tobacco pipes are made: the root of the Erica Arborea, or briar wood. This briar wood, noble and beautifully grained, forces its way through the rocky soil of the area around the Mediterranean and adds 50 years of growth to the value of the pipe.

How it's made

Faults and imperfections are revealed as the wood is crafted. Our pipe maker can never predict with certainty that the block of wood will actually be transformed into the pipe he visualises or matches the high quality standards that the House of Gubbels has built its reputation on. It might even end up as a piece of firewood, for not without reason do the Gubbels pipe makers say "Top quality is found, not crafted".