How to select your first pipe?

My first pipe

The house of Gubbels considers an inexpensive pipe as your first a probable recipe for disaster as you are likely to buy a pipe with some serious mechanical problems, which will give you a hell of a time trying to learn to smoke a pipe!


Selecting a pipe

Selecting a pipe is a subtle though complex exercise, involving aesthetics, mechanical and financial considerations:

You must enjoy the look and feel of your pipe. That’s our first rule: buy pipes you like. The best advice is that you look at lots of pipes and pipe styles. Sooner or later a pipe tells you  “take me home”.

Second rule is, that pipes must be constructed in a way that bring you pleasure from smoking it. Especially for beginning pipe smokers a pipe should be easy to clean and lit.

Our third rule is that you buy the absolute best pipe you can afford! You can’t go wrong by buying quality.

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The house of Gubbels guarantees best quality in every aspect, aesthetics, mechanics and financials...
For a beginner, choose a BigBen. The seasoned pipe smoker will want to look at our Hilson collection.
And those of you who really want to get something special visit our Bentley collection.

Get inspired

Albert Einstein once remarked that pipe smoking "contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs." Whether the observation is true or not, pipe smoking has had many other famous devotees, among them Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the fictional Sherlock Homes, who often disappeared into a haze of pipe smoke while solving his cases.

Today, pipes are still a symbol of leisurely sophistication. The lengthy rituals of pipe smoking add to that aura: choosing from a variety of pipes and tobaccos, cleaning and loading the briar, puffing and tamping, then sitting in a fragrant swirl of smoke and contemplating life.
Also the younger generation is finding out what it is like to smoke a pipe. According to the statistics, within the States there has been a significant increase in the number of pipe tobacco consumers. Within the United States, many of the fastest growing tobacco companies are now getting their foothold into pipes manufacturing industries. They communicate about the pipe smoking, the beauty of the pipe, its natural grain, the production process and freedom in choice of tobacco flavors.

For us this means a blooming era of pipe smoking. We hope this trend will fly over to Europe as well. When we take a good look at society it wouldn’t be strange to think that pipe smoking is on the increase among younger folks. To spread the experience, the feeling and the lifestyle that comes with pipe smoking we want to address those young people. Because there is so much more to discover.